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About Our Organization

What is College Bound? In a word: Preparation. College Bound provides a comprehensive approach to college preparation and access for underserved students in grades 4-12. We provide an environment that motivates students to actualize visions of academic and career success.

History & Mission College Bound’s inception was the answer to one simple question: Can students succeed even when it seems that all odds are against them? This is the question that founders, Andy and Johnnie Savoy, grappled with as they sought to understand why their son was being systematically denied access to higher education. As an educator with 25 years of service in Los Angeles County public school districts, Johnnie Savoy’s personal mission to prepare her son for college evolved into a community action plan that would become College Bound. The mission is to provide academic programs and services that prepare students for admission into and graduation from four-year institutions of higher education. Now 20 years later, College Bound continues to fulfill its mission, having prepared more than 650 students for college and life.

Population We currently serve over 1,000 students in grades 4 through 12, college, parents and alumni. Approximately 96% of our families are African American, with the remaining 4% comprised of Latinos and Pacific Islanders. Our current student body is comprised of 48% males and 52% females.

Distinctive Approach For 20 years, we have been instrumental in confronting social and educational obstacles and minimizing their impact. Our programs and services are designed to strengthen academic skills while making learning fun and relevant to the interests of families. As a result, we have been able to make great strides in making academic success a family affair, preventing high school dropout, motivating students to excel, training them for the 21st century workforce, and positioning them to achieve personal and economic success.

Success Statistics In spite of the widening gap in the educational achievement of underserved students, College Bound raises the bar for these students and pushes them to excel beyond what they think is possible. Our groundbreaking educational programs has enabled us to achieve the following:

• 100% high school graduation rate for African Americans as opposed to 42% nationwide (NAEP, 2008) and a 35% dropout rate in California (CDE, 2009)

• 98% are accepted into four-year institutions of higher education

• Over 60% pursue majors in STEM fields, where African Americans are particularly underrepresented.

• We have been instrumental in acquiring $25 million in academic scholarships for students.

• Our students are accepted into prestigious universities such as Stanford, University of Chicago, Georgetown, Harvard, Howard, Hampton, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, Washington Univerity of St. Louis and USC, among others.

• 82% graduate from college in 4-6 years, more than twice the national average for African Americans

• 60% pursue advanced degrees

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